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Forrest Black

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Forrest Black is an award-winning graphic designer and photographer. He has done design and photography for and many other popular spooky web sites. The prestigious PRINT magazine of graphic design singled him out for his work on BarelyEvil and GothicSluts as one of the most influential designers on the adult web. He has also worked on web designs for numerous bands ranging from Everclear to John Lennon (hey, John Lennon is still selling records and making web pages for dead guys is very gothic.) Forrest Black’s photography has graced the covers and pages of pretty much every important subculture magazine including Blue Blood, Tattoo Savage, Permission, Meltdown, Ascension, and many more.

Forrest Black was born in San Francisco in a house with thirteen black cats. As a baby, he learned to crawl on the floor at parties where the Grateful Dead jammed. Today he makes his home in Los Angeles.

You can find all articles and fiction relating to Forrest Black at tag Forrest Black.

Twitter: @ForrestBlack
LiveJournal: forrestblack
Facebook: Forrest Black

forrest black

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