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Fantastic LashyDoodle Kickstarter

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A new Kickstarter campaign just launched for the production of a new line of exciting new eyelashes that encompass the glamour and beauty of false lashes in a completely safe, eco-friendly and cruelty-free option that is super simple to apply and gets rid of those pesky glues that mess up your style and take forever to work with. The project creators are Amelia G and Forrest Black.

The name of the project is LashyDoodle, and the way it works is so amazing that it feels like magic, because they take eyelashes that contain ten micro-magnets that gently adhere to the metallic compound of the hypoallergenic eyeliner that they come with, and make it incredibly easy to put them on and take them off at your leisure, even on your first try, without pain or struggle with chemical compounds that can destroy your look, or worse, damage your skin or real eyelashes when taking them off.

The LashyDoodle lashes themselves are made of a polymer called PBT, which stands for polybutylene terephthalate, which is a light and safe compound with low moisture absorption that solves the issue you usually have with most eyelashes weighing heavily on your eyelids, and since they are also quite resistant, you can take them off and try another design that fits your look without fear of breaking or wearing them out.

As a backer for this Kickstarter campaign, you not only get to choose your favorite designs while you support the production of the LashyDoodle project, but you can also get a fantastic Look Book where you’ll find lots of photos of models wearing these lashes, which gives you a clear idea of how versatile they are as they show they fit all genders and a plethora of styles.

For more information about LashyDoodle, as well as how to get the Look Book and other backer rewards, check the official and the Kickstarter page.

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