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California Deathrock Art Book

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Blue Blood has published California Deathrock, a gorgeous hardcover book of portraiture by Amelia G and Forrest Black. Both have served on our Panel of Experts (which we really should post more of) and both are famous for their individualistic portraits of counterculture people. Where a lot of photographers just see black lipstick, Forrest Black and Amelia G really showcase the personalities of their gothic subjects, as well as their incredible style. Kind of the advantage of having people actually in the scene doing the shooting. The selection of photographic subjects is something of a who’s who of West Coast darksiders. The book includes photographs of members of numerous notorious dark bands, including Flytrap, Kommunity FK, Element, Fearcult, STG, Super Heroines, Christian Death, Deadfly Assembly, Tragic Black, Shadow Project, Cinema Strange, Seraphim Shock, and more.

This coffee table art book is beautifully produced in a sturdy hardcover format with thick pages and intense colors in the printing. It is available from the California Deathrock web site and Amazon.

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