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Fragments Of Hollow Gloom – Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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Bee Luxury shows you how to replicate a fantastic Halloween effect with a creepy idea that makes the face look as if it was a floating mask, but a shattered one, which is why this look is so spine-chilling and awesome.

The broken parts in the mouth and eyes give way to a hollow look that gives the impression that this creepy mask was once full of life, had a mouth and could see her surroundings, until someone wanted to hide something from her, so they smashed the eyes so she would not continue to see the evil around her, and they later shattered her mouth as well so it wouldn’t speak of what it had seen, which caused the mask to harbor anger and a thirst for revenge within, slowly turning into a darker version of what she once was and causing the darkness that bubbles inside to seep into the world wherever she goes, consuming everything around her.

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