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Game of Thrones: The Queen’s Justice

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Oooooooh the bombshell that was dropped at the end of this episode had me cheering in my seat like a crazed minion! Just the sheer amount of awesome that was this whole episode made me realize once more why I love Game of Thrones even without the dragons and the epic pirate battles. So, let’s get into this week’s recap of HBO’s Game of Thrones: The Queen’s Justice, Season 7, Episode 3.

got 7 3 ss 1
We start off with a beautiful beach, rolling waves, gorgeous rock formations and a small group of soldiers standing on the shore as another group disembarks from their ship. On the beaches of Dragonstone, Tyrion and Missandei are waiting for Jon Snow to arrive. After exchanging some much-needed humorous pleasantries between Jon and Tyrion, the visitors are asked to remove their weapons and head up to meet Daenerys. As they are walking up to the castle, the dragons buzz the group, causing Jon to hit the dirt.

Up on the cliff watching the group walk up to the castle is the Red Lady, Melisandre, is basically hiding from Jon and Davos. Varys comes up behind her, in his signature snarky voice, asking wtf she’s doing hiding since she is the one who told Daenerys to bring Jon 7 3 ss 6 She tells him she didn’t leave on good terms due to ‘mistakes’ she made. Varys tells her to leave and not to come back. She then ominously tells him she’ll be back one more time because she’s supposed to die on this continent – just like he is. got 7 3 ss 7

Back up in the castle, Daenerys is sitting regally on her throne – looking a bit small on the huge 7 3 ss 8 Missandei goes through the whole long list of Daeny’s titles and the men aren’t sure what to do. Here starts the pissing contest. Jon won’t kneel. Daenerys slings words back. Both are just showing who has the bigger balls – but only because they have different perspectives and different goals. He tells her about the white walkers and the Night King as she’s giving him a history lesson on how his ancestor pledged the Stark loyalty to her family forever. Finally, Davos has had enough and starts to go through some of the shit that Jon’s been through, right up to the part where he says that Jon took a knife in the heart, then Jon stops 7 3 ss 9

Just as things are about to get bad, here come Varys with news. Daenerys has Jon and Davos escorted to their rooms and dinner brought up to them. After Jon and Davos leave, Varys tells everyone quickly that Yara’s fleet has been lost and the Dornish queen has been captured.

Flash to a ship and Theon being pulled out of the water by ropes. One of the boats out of Yara’s fleet manages to pick him up. They tell him she’s dead and he says he tried to save her. The captain tells him if that were true, he wouldn’t be alive. Then they all leave poor Theon on the deck and walk off.
got 7 3 ss 10
Just as quick as we’re pulled to Theon – now we’re pulled to his uncle, Euron, who is quickly becoming one of my absolute favorite characters in the show this season right behind Tyrion, is riding through the streets of King’s Landing with Yara, Ellaria Sand and her daughter, Tyene, in chains. The crowd is cheering him, booing the chained ladies. They’re spitting on them, calling them whores, and so on, while Euron eats it up. Yara stays stoic but Ellaria spits back at the people. At the castle, Euron rides his horse right up into the throne room, the women in 7 3 ss 11

He presents Cersei with the Dornish queen and princess, as his gifts to her. Cersei is beyond happy with this and you can see the pleasure of the gift, the anger and revenge for her daughter’s death in her 7 3 ss 12 She tells him that he’ll have whatever his heart’s desire after the war is won. Jaime doesn’t like this of course. Enter in some great barbs between Euron and Jaime to complete the deal… which have me absolutely cracking up. Euron leaves the Dornish prisoners in Cersei’s care and he leaves with Yara still tied behind 7 3 ss 13

Cersei wastes no time in chaining the two women up in the dungeon facing each other. She tells Ellaria about all the different ways she thought of killing her or killing her daughter in front of her. Then, she turns and kisses Tyene and Ellaria knows exactly what just happened. Cersei turns and wipes the horrid pink lipstick off her lips and then thanks her little weasel, Qyburn, for finding out the exact poison that Ellaria used on her daughter. She tells Ellaria that she’ll make sure she lives to see her daughter die and then her daughter’s bones rot away in front of her. As she’s leaving the dungeon, she tells the guards to make sure there’s always a torch burning so she doesn’t miss a thing.

Now to crazy bed scene of Cersei and Jaime… ew. But ‘ole Jaime does have such a nice ass… A knock at the door tells Cersei that the Iron Bank Representative is there for her. She meets with the man, who basically tells her she owes a shitton, but they want to bet on the right queen since Daenerys is on the continent now. got 7 3 ss 14

got 7 3 ss 15
Back to the gorgeous scenery of Dragonstone and Jon and Tyrion standing up on a bluff. Seriously, these two guys are my two favorite characters when they are together. Jon asks Tyrion if he believes him or not about the walkers. Tyrion says that he always believes an honest man’s eyes over fairy tales and legends. He asks Jon if he has anything reasonable to ask of Daenrys to give her something that she can understand. Flip to Tyrion and Daenerys in her ready room and he talks her into letting Jon mine the dragonglass. Tyrion speaks very highly of Jon to her and explains that she needs to give him a reason to become an ally instead of forcing him to.
got 7 3 ss 16
Then we see Daenerys standing on a lookout, watching her dragons play and fly around the island. Jon comes down to talk to her. She turns and tells him he can mine the dragonglass, which really surprises him. They chat just a little and seem to come to a better understanding of each other, also showing us how alike they are. She tells him that anything he needs for mining, she’ll make sure he has. *Just a note, her hair is freaking epic in this episode.

got 7 3 ss 17
Now, to Winterfell. Sansa is getting briefed about them not having enough food. She tells the master to have the other houses in the north to start sending grain asap. Because, A) if the whole northern army is at Winterfell they won’t be able to feed them and B) if the white walkers come from the north people won’t have time to grab carts of grain to bring with them. As they walk through the common area, she also sees that the blacksmiths aren’t making the armor right and has that remedied. Littlefinger is following creepily and when they finally are alone, he tells her that she needs to start thinking differently – seeing every single outcome, every single choice, everyone is your enemy and everyone is your friend, so nothing surprises you. You can tell it’s his personal philosophy.

They are interrupted by someone at the gate. It’s finally Bran come home! She tears up and breaks the beautiful stern looks she’s adopted and cries as she hugs him.

Then they are sitting in the garden, under the red leafed tree, and she says that now he’s the rightful Lord of Winterfell and he tells her no. He says he’s the three-eyed raven. She is like wtf is that. He tells her a little bit about it but then tells her that he can see everything that has happened and will happen. Seeing her doubt, he tells her he’s sorry for all the things that have happened to her there in their home, how beautiful she looked on her wedding day here in her white dress. She starts to get upset and then leaves, letting him stay with the tree.
At the Citadel, Jorah Mormont is cured of the greyscale. The archmaester tells him he’s free to go, that they need the room for infected people. Then tells Sam he wants to see him this afternoon. Sam asks Jorah what he’ll do now and Jorah tells him he’s going to seek out Daenerys. Sam goes to the archmaester’s office and is actually praised for saving Jorah – but then given a shit duty of copying old manuscripts. But he doesn’t get kicked out of the citadel.

Then, to Casterly Rock, where the Unsullied are attacking. It flashes back and forth between the attack and Tyrion talking about the attack. He tells them that the Unsullied will be overpowered because of the army and the walls there. But he also says that his father had Tyrion build the sewers in the place, so Tyrion left a way to get his whores in and out – giving the Unsullied a back-way in. The Unsullied take Casterly Rock – but find that the main part of the army is gone. Then Grey Worm goes up onto the ramparts and sees that Euron’s fleet is wiping out the Unsullied ships in the harbor 7 3 ss 18

got 7 3 ss 19
Our final scene starts with the Lanister army marching, and at first it looks like they are at Casterly Rock. We see that Lord Tarly, Sam’s father, has decided to side with the Lanisters instead of the Tyrells. Which is exactly where they are going – the Tyrell castle. They overtake the castle easily and we see Jaime going up and talking with Olenna Tyrell. He pours some wine for them and she’s asking how he’s going to kill her. She tells him that Cersei is a monster and she’ll be Jaime’s downfall. He says maybe. She talks about how she’s done horrible things to protect her family but how Cersei has done things even she couldn’t imagine. He tells her the different ways that Cersei wanted him to kill her and then tells her that he talked her out of those and pulls out a vial of poison. He pours it in her wine and hands the wine to her.

Before she swigs it down – she tells Jaime how awful his son Joffery died with the poison, with his eyes bleeding, his skin turning purple, etc, all while both her, Olenna, and Jaime watched 7 3 ss 20

Then she tells him she is the one who poisoned the little fucker! Oh, my gawd, I cheered and laughed at the same time! I love this old woman. She makes sure to tell Jaime to tell Cersei that it was Olenna who killed Joffery.

I expected Jaime to slice her in half, but he walks out. The whole episode is over at this point – but, I’m going to leave my mind wondering if she doesn’t have some type of antidote in that huge cabinet behind her.

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