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Gothic Beauty Magazine #53: A Velvety Blend Of Gothic Flavors

Gothic Beauty Magazine, issue #53 offers sweet warmth, like that first taste of fine wine on the lips, with the appearance of the gorgeous Twiggy on the cover, posing in a delicious style while wearing the amazing LashyDoodle Gothic Double Drama Kit eyelashes. I’m looking at the digital edition right now, but it also comes […]

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Gothic Beauty Magazine Issue #52: A Feast Of Gothic Artistry

The arrival of issue #52 of Gothic Beauty Magazine is as sweet as a kiss from our favorite vampire, and it is ready to charm our hearts and minds from the first enticing look at the beauty of Acid Doll gracing the cover while wearing one of the stunning designs by Lena’s Wulgaria, who gives […]

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Alice en Bataille

heavy red alice

We like gothic and we like literary, so Heavy Red’s Alice en Bataille couture Halloween costume really hits the spot. The concept is a sort of goth battle-ready Alice in Wonderland. Each year, Heavy Red does a different take on Alice in Wonderland cosplay. Maybe I am over-thinking it, but I do believe the progression […]

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Saints & Sinners Gothic Couture and Free Pandora Goodie Bag

saints sinners heavy red

Heavy Red is about to have their second annual Pandora’s Bag Holiday Event. Starting Thursday Nov 24 12:01am, one minute after the witching hour, the sale kicks off. There are last chance gothic couture items available at deep fifty percent off discounts and your order will come with a fabulous goodie bag, which includes items […]

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Heavy Red’s Couture Noir Fall Collection

Heavy Red Inevitable Destiny Ball Gown Gallery Thumb

Heavy Read brings us the Inevitable Destiny Ball Gown. This fabulous dress makes me think a little of Morticia Adams. The bandage style, the way it hugs tight to every curve from the chest to the knee, along with the elegant wrap, all combine to bring glamour and a sultry feel. The gorgeous almost shimmering […]

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Psylo Fashion

Psylo Fashion for Men and Women

Psylo Fashion provides comfortable clothing with a fusion of different subcultures. Their original line includes some very nice dark everyday wear. Based in Bali and Camden, where most cool clothing originates, Psylo Fashion produces only hand-made unusual designs. Psylo’s clothing is a fusion of travelling gear, urban street fashion and club-wear. Our range is versatile […]

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