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Sunrise At Sea – Makeup Tutorial

If you know Jade The Libra, then you already know how amazing and easy-to-follow her makeup tutorials are, because she takes you through the whole process in a series of very-well explained steps, and she also makes a point to make sure you can see what makeup she uses and how she applies it, should […]

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Comic-Style Devilish Glamour – Makeup Tutorial

There are characters who aren’t born evil, and their villainous nature doesn’t stem from them making a deal with the devil, or having supernatural powers, but it instead comes from them straying from the path while they follow their innermost desires and cravings. Such is the case of Cruella De Vil, who may have already […]

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Fantastic Spooky Animal Skull Makeup Tutorial

A detail that I enjoyed about this Animal Skull Makeup Tutorial by Really Mili, aside from the spooky concept that’s perfect for Halloween, is how quickly she gets started with it. There’s no lengthy intro, no filler, just a direct explanation on how she is creating the look, something that’s very refreshing because it allows […]

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Pet Sematary – A Fine Spooky Tale

Based on Stephen King’s novel, Pet Sematary focuses on Dr. Louis Creed (Jason Clarke), his wife Rachel (Amy Seimetz), his daughter Ellie, his son Gage, and Church, the family pet, who move to a new town where they discover a pet graveyard near their home where a strange place exists that, unbeknownst to most but […]

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Impeccable Jack Skellington Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Get your makeup kit ready, because Madeyewlook is here to show you how to create a fantastic Jack Skellington makeup style that stays faithful to how the character actually looks, making it perfect for your next Halloween party, and the best part is she only uses black and white colors, letting the shading effects shine […]

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New Gothic Men’s Coat from Punk Rave

PunkRave Goth Men's Coat

The incredible designers at Punk Rave have struck again. Their newest item of men’s apparel is a three quarter length black coat. This fitted piece is made of polyester in varying textures, with a few cleverly placed appliques and edges with a bit of a military-inspired feel. The dark-haired gothic gent they have modeling the […]

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Art Should Always Inspire: Exclusive Interview with Painter Vaughn Belak


Vaughn Belak‘s artistic creations draw you in with a luminous, large-eyed gaze, spatters of shadow and light creating an alluring blend of fae mischief and gothic gloom. His upcoming collection, Dodging Knives and Throwing Bullets, will give art fans a close look at not just Belak’s art, but also the mind of the artist. Ed […]

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RazorCandi Gothic Punk Deathrock Tattoo Pinup Icon Interview

Skull Headdress Razor Candi

Goth fashion shapeshifter and erotic model Razor Candi‘s return to the U.S. has sparked a surge of creative photoshoots and spicy videos, and her fans can enjoy her elaborately crafted personas in a new photobook, published by Blue Blood. It’s over 200 pages of nothing but pure Razor Candi. But to truly appreciate art, you […]

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Game of Thrones: Dragonstone

Let’s all sit back and have a bit of wine, shall we? ‘Er, maybe not if Arya Stark is serving it. Welcome to the HBO Game of Thrones: Season 7 premier recap! I know I for one was on the edge of my seat before the show even started, but how about opening with Arya […]

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Game of Thrones: The Winds of Winter – Drinking Game Edition!

I know what you’re thinking. “Gosh Halden! You’ve been writing about Game of Thrones as a job for two years and you have a large tattoo referencing the show on your leg. At this point, it’s not only a large part of your livelihood, but also your identity, isn’t it? So how are you going […]

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