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The Elegance Of A Witch – Makeup Tutorial

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Focusing on a classic Halloween look, LadyParadoxx has a super quick, easy and amazing tutorial for you where she’ll show you how to recreate her Witch makeup so you can cause a great impression at your next Halloween party.

I like how this Witch makeup pays special attention to subtlety and making the best of the shades you use, which is an aspect that LadyParadoxx demonstrates by starting with green colors for the forehead, nose and cheekbones, to then continue adding different highlights to further accentuate the style, and this is all done while still maintaining that finesse and keeping the focus on these key places of her face before moving on to adding fake eyelashes and glittery colors on the eyes to give the design a mystical touch that displays a refined and powerful appearance, which is everything you expect form an elegant Witch.

Can you believe October is almost over?? Well here is the 12th look in our 13 Days of Halloween series, I hope you enjoy!

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