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The Frost Of Darkness – Makeup Tutorial

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Something really fun about winter is the snow and all the things you can do with it, like snowmen, for instance.

We’ve all heard the tale of the snowman who was built one day and it magically came to life without no explanation, which is an alright tale and all, if you are creating a jolly and traditional snowman, but it opens up another interesting avenue of thought: what if you were to create a twisted depiction of a snowman? You know, one who’s main purpose was to scare those who happen to run into it. What if such a creation were to be imbued by a dark life that comes from an unknown place, feeding on the darkness that help put it together?

Maritza Alis explores this idea with her Twisted Frost tutorial, where you get to see how she creates a creepy smiling snowman from hell, which is a fantastic choice for scaring the neighbors, as it allows you to prepare for the coming winter with something truly unsettling.

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