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A Magical Union With The Forest – Makeup Tutorial

The Forest Witch makeup look that Maritza Alis creates borrows some elements of a skull style, in that you can see her teeth without skin, as well as her ribcage enhancing this look, showing dark spots in between the bones to give a three-dimensional finish to the body paint element. The eyes, however, and the […]

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The Frost Of Darkness – Makeup Tutorial

Something really fun about winter is the snow and all the things you can do with it, like snowmen, for instance. We’ve all heard the tale of the snowman who was built one day and it magically came to life without no explanation, which is an alright tale and all, if you are creating a […]

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A Halloween Omen – Makeup Tutorial

It was the middle of a cold and breezy night when I was awoken by an unknown energy that brought me to this Dark Bird by Maritza Alis. When I gazed upon her, I felt my blood run cold as her ice-white eyes seemed to pierce my very soul, freezing me in place and studying […]

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