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Gothic Magnetism – Makeup Tutorial

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I like the idea of a Gothic Fairy. I’ve often seen fairies depicted as colorful beings that fly around spreading glitter and sparkles, so it is nice to see the concept of a more mystical and serious being with a penchant for darkness, which makes the character more intriguing, especially during Halloween season which she did this for.

The part of the nose on this makeup tutorial requires some scar wax which is a bit tough to handle, and still, the tutorial explains things in such a way that it makes them look simple enough for you to feel confident when trying it, even offering alternatives and many tips on how to handle this better to create the most realistic effect possible.

BreeAnn Barbie focuses on black shades for the fairy look, and something she does to have the eyes stand out a bit more in a compelling way is to add a double wing effect to them with the eyeliner, while she paints the lips in black, matching the rest of the gothic style well and makes it look a whole lot more magnetic.

Welcome back my lovely ghouls! Today is the 4th Halloween Makeup look of the season! I have been wanting to do a fairy look for so long now and this is how it turned out! Not too bad for a first time! What do you guys think?! Thumbs up and comment before you go! Xoxo

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