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A Sweet Skull – Makeup Tutorial

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Get your Day of the Dead going with a touch with this sugar skull makeup style that Beautification By Marta shows you how to recreate. The colors you need are easily accessible for this one, and the technique required, although simple enough to be recreated even if you are not used to adding lots of details to your makeup, works very well to bring forth the illusion that you have become a skull for Dia de los Muertos.

Something that’s particularly interesting about this tutorial is how the white around the face is handled, because with the circles around the eyes and the dots that adorn them, the mouth and the black lines that serve as decorations for the look, the white color on the face is crisp and sharp, which actually creates the effect of it being made of compressed sugar, which of course reminds you that you are not transforming into just any skull, but one with a sweet touch for when its time for trick or treating.

(Con subtitulos en espanol)
Here’s a super easy sugar skull makeup tutorial that anyone can achieve!! You don’t need a lot of products AND it will last ALL NIGHT! Let me know what you think:)


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