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Marvelous Skull Transformation – Makeup Tutorial

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I like how simple the Skull concept on this makeup tutorial by Chrisspy is, and especially how she took the simple idea and turned into a work of art through the masterful execution for this traditional Halloween style.

What I particularly liked on this tutorial is how she focused on the Skull effects to punch up the look and give it a realistic finish with the shading to create a perfect texture that actually resembles bone and gives the style a welcome three-dimensional finish.

There’s a section that takes the cake for me on this one, and that is the moment where Chrisspy explains how to create the teeth with only makeup so they look genuine, because she goes over all the details that you should focus on, while at the same time she makes you feel confident when recreating the look yourself, which is exactly what a great tutorial does, and she nailed it.

Marilyn Skull anyone?
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