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Sugar Skull And Honey – Makeup Tutorial

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This makeup tutorial carries with it a lot of honeyed motifs throughout the face, and it bases itself on a honeycomb and a skull at the same time, as if half of Samaro’s face had been consumed by some magic that left it showing the bones under her skin, and then, a family of bees decided to start their colony there and they slowly worked on creating their new hive while she allowed them to use the hollow parts of her face for their noble purpose.

This left one section of her face showing her bare teeth to remind you of the skull part, while the honey fills the gaps where skin should be, dripping and dancing on that half of her face and creating a beautiful honeycomb pattern all over the sections that can be seen on the outside, but leaving the other area intact so it can show a sensational makeup that matches the colors on the opposite side.

Honey Comb Skull
Kryolan Shimmering Event Foundation “Golden Beige”, Spirit Gum”, Aqua Color “101” and “523”
Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer “White Out” and “L1 Neutral”
Bobbi Brown Gel Liner “Caviar Ink”
Rimmel London Kohl Eyeliner “Jet Black”
Jeffree Star Cosmetics Alien Palette “Pluto”, “UFO”, “Martian Soil”, “Abduction”, “X-Files” and “Black Hole” and Velour Liquid Lipstick “Dominatrix”
Diamond FX Facepaint “Essencial Black”
Mac Cosmetics Chromacake “Pure White” and “Primary Yellow” and Eye Kohl “Teddy”
Nyx Cosmetics Jumbo Pencil “Cottage Cheese”
Eldora False Eyelashes “M111”
Hobby Craft Adhesive Gems

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