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An Enthralling Mermaid – Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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This mind-blowing Halloween makeup style by Rachel Duffy shows you how to create the look of a mermaid that has come to spend some time on the surface to lure people with her beautiful singing voice, so they follow her to the depths of the ocean.

The color that she goes for as a base for this look is something gorgeous, because while she adds blush and everything to the style, the overall aqua color on her skin actually makes it feel like it’s real, and that you are looking at a genuine mermaid standing before you.

Another effect that captured my attention on this one is how, when she applies the eyeshadow, she makes the wing on her lid a sand-like color with a finish that makes it look like there’s a small tentacle adorning the eye, which just furthers the concept of fairylike beauty this look possesses.

There’s some body art added to this style as well, and that comes in the form of her necklace with an oyster shell on it that is actually painted on, but it is done so well with the details on it that it actually looks like a real accessory.

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Ever since I read tales of Mermaids & obsessed over @disney The Little Mermaid film as a child, I’ve always wanted to be one! I thought I’d interpret my sea siren adorned in jewels of the deep – leave a ??‍♀️ for a Tutorial!

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