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An Enthralling Mermaid – Halloween Makeup Tutorial

This mind-blowing Halloween makeup style by Rachel Duffy shows you how to create the look of a mermaid that has come to spend some time on the surface to lure people with her beautiful singing voice, so they follow her to the depths of the ocean. The color that she goes for as a base […]

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Sunrise At Sea – Makeup Tutorial

If you know Jade The Libra, then you already know how amazing and easy-to-follow her makeup tutorials are, because she takes you through the whole process in a series of very-well explained steps, and she also makes a point to make sure you can see what makeup she uses and how she applies it, should […]

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A Dreadful Ocean-Dweller – Spooky Makeup Tutorial

Here’s a spooky take on a Siren that doesn’t focus on the traditional half-human half-fish creature you’re used to seeing, but on a more realistic, creepier version that creates, with a mix of makeup and body paint, a monster that has human-like traits, but at the same time presents an anatomy suited for life under […]

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