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A Dreadful Ocean-Dweller – Spooky Makeup Tutorial

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Here’s a spooky take on a Siren that doesn’t focus on the traditional half-human half-fish creature you’re used to seeing, but on a more realistic, creepier version that creates, with a mix of makeup and body paint, a monster that has human-like traits, but at the same time presents an anatomy suited for life under the sea.

This creature probably thrives on the darkness of an underwater cavern, where she waits for unsuspecting victims to explore the depths of the ocean, and maybe she even visits the surface herself from time to time to show everyone who lives there why the sea and its creatures should be feared and revered.

This is a very well done makeup tutorial by HalloweenMakeup, and in it she shows you all the techniques needed to make this scary Halloween look shine, right down to how to create your very own fins, since she adds them on both her ears and hands to enhance the fish look, and she does a fantastic job with that part too, because the props are super easy to make, and end up looking incredibly realistic.

Creepy siren makeup along with webbed fingers and fin ears. Be ready to lurk the deep seas with this mermaid look.

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