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Big Halloween Smiles – Makeup Tutorial

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I discovered the creature before me, and to my own surprise, the enlarged smile that Sydney Nicole had masterfully recreated, which covered most of her face was not the only part that my eyes fixed on. It was big and menacing, no doubt, and it showed a row of sharp white teeth that could probably shred anything in seconds, but they weren’t all that scary. It seemed that the smile was a friendlier one, with more mischief than malice to it, and if that had been the sole element to her Lock look, I would have even considered her harmless.

However, after the smile I noticed her eyes, those big, captivating eyes that drew me in even more than her smile did, because these ones showed a more focused evil nature with the cloud of red smoke that seemed to float around them as she stared at me with that gaze that let me know that she was deciding what horrible things to introduce me to in the coming moments of this Halloween tribute.

Here is the first trickster from the infamous trio from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Make sure you check out the other two here on my channel!
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Masks are from Spirit Halloween
Face –
Urban Decay Optical Illusion Primer
Ben Nye Clown White Cream
NYX Professional Makeup Pro Contour Palette

Eyes –
NYX Professional Makeup Primal Color in “Red”
Star Crushed Minerals Shadows in “Orchid” and “Anarchy”
Wunder2 Cosmetics “Essential Ultra Violet” Super Stay Liner

Brows –
Kat Von D Beauty Super Brow Pomade in “Scarlet”

Paint –
Ben Nye “Cloud White” MagiCake Paint
Mehron Cool Prisma Paradise Paint and Black Paradise Paint

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