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Impeccable Jack Skellington Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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Get your makeup kit ready, because Madeyewlook is here to show you how to create a fantastic Jack Skellington makeup style that stays faithful to how the character actually looks, making it perfect for your next Halloween party, and the best part is she only uses black and white colors, letting the shading effects shine on this one when she combines them with the overall look, while at the same time maintaining every detail looking crisp and impeccable.

The amazing thing about Madeyewlook is how descriptive she is in her tutorial, because she doesn’t just apply the makeup while you see every step unfolding before your eyes, but she actually stops and tells you exactly what she’ll do, why she’ll go for that particular idea or technique, and what effect she is going for before she takes the brush and shows you exactly how it’s done, which of course helps with making this Jack Skellington makeup tutorial a perfect guide so you never feel lost and can recreate the look straightforwardly.

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► PRODUCTS USED ◄ Type these products into GOOGLE to find a store that sells them near you, or where to purchase online! Most are ordered online DIRECTLY from the COMPANY THAT MAKES THE PRODUCTS.
Products Used:
• Graftobian Pro Paint (white, black)
• Wolfe Body Paint (white, black)
• Inglot Eyeshadows (greys)

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