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Creepy Smiles, Everyone! – Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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NsomniaksDream takes the concept of a creepy giant smile and improves on it dramatically with her expertly presented details and effects that create the overly sized mouth, but add a lot of details to it to make the look scarier for Halloween, achieving a style that will put a smile on your face, but a look of shock and horror on whoever sees it.

The teeth she chose to use on this makeup style are sharp and threatening, and the smile displays them with gusto as the mouth widens to almost reach the ears, showing the appropriate stretching of the skin on the sides of the mouth to give it a realistic touch, and NsomniaksDream goes for a black paint that makes the opening of the mouth seem like an endless void waiting to devour you.

The pièce de résistance comes with the extra touches she puts on the look, because she adds glistening saliva droplets that hang from the fangs or just out of the edges of the mouth, creating the appearance of a monster that can’t wait to devour you.

Tired of your regular boring mouth?
Looking to stand out at your next event with a crazy giant monster mouth? Well then do I have the tutorial for you!

I can’t not read that in some super cheesy salesman voice XD

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