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Creepy Doll Tiffany Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Want something glamorous and memorable for Halloween? Well, you are in luck, because Sydney Nicole is here with a gorgeous Bride of Chucky makeup tutorial that actually manages to create the doll-like finish this character demands because of its origin, and at the same time, it retains the intensity on the eyes that reminds you […]

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Big Halloween Smiles – Makeup Tutorial

I discovered the creature before me, and to my own surprise, the enlarged smile that Sydney Nicole had masterfully recreated, which covered most of her face was not the only part that my eyes fixed on. It was big and menacing, no doubt, and it showed a row of sharp white teeth that could probably […]

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Chilling Pennywise & Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Halloween Makeup Tutorial

I absolutely love this Halloween makeup tutorial by Sydney Nicole, because she does a fantastic job of fusing together the scary clown Pennywise and Harley Quinn with a style that’s guaranteed to shock and awe at your next Halloween party. Sydney Nicole demonstrates the awesome look at the beginning, which shows you how creepy the […]

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