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Eli – A House Of Secrets

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Netflix’s Eli is a horror movie directed Ciarán Foy that tells the story of a boy (Charlie Shotwell) who suffers from an auto-immune disease that causes him to be unable to be in contact with the outside world, always needing to be in a sterile environment and having to wear a hazmat suit everywhere he goes.

His parents, Rose (Kelly Reilly) and Paul (Max Martini), take him to a clinic to get a special treatment. When they get there, everything seems promising, and they meet Dr. Horn (Lili Taylor), who seems strangely at ease with the whole process, keeping an eerie level of composure throughout every interaction with Eli.

It is here that things start to get strange, as Eli starts to suffer from hallucinations that Dr. Horn claims can be triggered by the treatments, but Eli believes them to be real, and that they are trying to reveal to him a secret about that strange clinic where he seems to be the only patient.

After a few supernatural encounters, Eli begins to unveil the secret of the clinic he is in, but what he discovers goes far beyond what he imagined, because while some of his suspicions were true about the house he is being kept at for treatments, there’s another secret waiting that he could have never guessed before: he had never been truly sick, and his manifestations of the “disease” were caused by his body adjusting to his powers, because, as he later learns, he is one of the many sons of the devil that must rise to take his place at his side.

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