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Haunted Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

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The fourth episode of Netflix’s Haunted starts with Elle, and she tells the story about how evil spirits tormented her family’s house.

After his father moved to the US from the Philippines, leaving his job in law enforcement after he got some serious threats from a gang he had helped take down, Elle and his family moved to a new house where she immediately noticed strange things happening around the place, like an old lady walking around, but who wasn’t supposed to be there.

When she told her mother about this, she told Elle that if she didn’t pay attention to them, if she didn’t see them, then they couldn’t scare her, because the things in her house were “mumós”, which are ghosts that are supposed to only react when they are acknowledged. Her mother said this to try and soothe her, but it only made her more scared, since it meant that what she was seeing was actually real.

One night, Elle was walking up the stairs, and was startled by shapes she saw out of the corner of her eye, and she discovered a man and a woman standing at the end of the hall, staring at her. Later, she also started to see a girl who would play dolls with her, and while things started in a friendly way, as time passed, the girl went from playing with Elle to throwing her stuff around the room, until one day, the ghost girl set fire to one of Elle’s dolls, and caused half the house to catch on fire.

The next affected by the mumós was Jerome, Elle’s cousin, who was playing with a ball one day, and the ghost girl took it away from him. When Jerome went looking for his ball, he found it floating in a well, and when he leaned to retrieve it, the ghost girl held his head underwater, attempting to drown him.

Elle explains how the hauntings went on for years, and during a specific moment, the ghost girl offered her pills and a razor so she could kill herself, and Ellie accepted because she believed that she wouldn’t have a future with the ghosts haunting her.

She survived, and after a while, she met Chris and they started dating. When she got pregnant and they got married, since they didn’t have the means to get a place of their own, Chris went to live in that house with them, and while they were there, the paranormal occurrences stopped. However, Elle noticed that she was always getting angry at Chris, and that this only happened when they were in the house.

When their daughter was little, the hauntings resumed. This time, her daughter saw a boy who also played with her, They called this ghost “the red boy” because he was covered in blood, and he always prompted her to do dangerous things like playing on the roof, and even jump off it, and when she refused to do so, he would scare her.

One night, Elle got very aggressive and started attacking her husband out of the blue under the influence of the ghost girl, and she was in such a rage that she could have killed him. Fortunately, Chris managed to stop her, and they decided to move, to get away from the ghosts that had been haunting them for so long.

In the end, Elle’s mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and as her condition worsened, Elle went to visit her, deciding it would be the last time she returned to that house, and when she was with her mother, the woman told her that it was too bad that the ghosts were after her. When Elle asked her who she was referring to, her mother told her that the old lady, the man, and the girl wanted to hurt her. Scared, Elle asked her mom whether those people were from heaven, or hell, and her mother answered that they came from hell.

This was the first and last time Elle and her family discussed this story, hoping to get closure about the horror they experienced while being haunted by those ghosts. However, the ghost family probably remains in that house, waiting for someone else.

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