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Haunted Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

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The fifth episode of Netflix’s Haunted starts with Rick, a US Marine who tells us about a strange event he experienced during war in Afghanistan, which he says was already hell.

Rick’s great grandfather, his grandfather and his father had all been soldiers who fought in different wars, and all he wanted to do was follow in their footsteps, especially his dad’s, who was not only his hero, but a decorated war hero with a medal for Valor, which is why Rick decided to become a Marine, with the objective of doing something that could make his father proud of him.

At the time Rick joined the Marines, there was the certainty that if you joined an infantry unit, you were going to war, and Rick and his team were going to be deployed in a combat zone in Afghanistan, which meant their assignment was going to be very dangerous.

On an occasion where they are out on patrol, Rick’s team is attacked by an armed group. Rick fights bravely, but an explosion gets him, and he loses consciousness. When he comes to, he hears his team is still engaging the enemy and gets ready to continue the fight. The survives a couple of close calls and tries to save the life of one of his friends when he is wounded badly. Rick explains that they were constantly facing battles like that one, which already added to the stress of the first encounter where they lost five men.

After those first encounters, Rick was sent to a different area to guard an area of operations. Their assignment was to keep a lookout so no enemies approached, and the place they had to guard just happened to be a cemetery.

It is here that one night, during his midnight shift, Rick is checking his surroundings like he is supposed to, and he hears a noise. Thinking he is being taunted by someone, he takes his weapon and looks through his night-vision-enabled scope, and when he is surveying the land before him, he sees something flying past his field of view.

He requests assistance over the radio, hoping his team can survey his position from a distance, and his commanding officer instructs him to go out and light a flare. Rick obeys, and steps out into the night, flare in hand and gun at the ready. After a thorough check, he finds nothing unusual, so he heads back to his post.

As he’s walking back, a monster jumps at him out of nowhere, and starts to choke him. Rick is powerless to defend himself against this creature as he is paralyzed with fear, so much that he couldn’t even blink, but in the end, he managed to break free and escape the monster before rejoining his commanding officer.

Rick was on edge for the rest of his deployment, and when he finally returned home, he felt like the bond between him and his father had strengthened, since now he was walking a similar path as he was. After his father passed away, Rick decided to re-enlist.

When he was preparing for his next deployment, one night he was in bed, and he was awoken by the same demon he saw in Afghanistan, and it growled at him, again paralyzing him, which, to him, was the demon’s way of telling him to stay away from that land, that he was not welcome, that he enjoyed seeing him so afraid, and he was letting him know that, if they found each other again on the battlefield, the demon would make a stronger statement to drive him away.

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