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Game of Thrones: The Spoils of War Recap

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Holy dragon shit! I think it’s going to take a couple of days for my heart to calm down after that ending. It has been a long time since I’ve sat on the edge of my couch and covered my face – yet peeked through my hands because I didn’t want to miss anything. This episode is why I fucking love Game of Thrones. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, head on to another article or site now, because there ARE spoilers ripe for the picking in his recap. That said, let’s get into our recap of HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 4: The Spoils of War!

After a little refresher and our favorite song, we see the Lannister army traveling away from Highgarden. A wagon is stopped and Jaime pulls out a massive bag of money and hands it to Bronn. Bronn then complains that he hasn’t gotten his castle yet and asks about the one behind them. Jaime tells him that it is too close to Daenerys’ armies and that once Cersei wins, he can pick any castle he wants.
got 7 e4 1

Then we move to King’s Landing, where Cersei is meeting with the Iron Bank rep once again. He’s impressed that she’s paying off the crown’s debts in one swoop. She tells him Jaime is personally overseeing the gold arriving at the Iron Bank. He asks what she might need for backing to ensure her win against Daenerys and Cersei says that she needs some help collecting old debts. The rep tells her that they will do whatever she needs, after the gold arrives.
got 7 e4 2

From there, we go to Winterfell, where Littlefinger is sitting with Bran. Bran is in a new wheelchair that the maester had made for him. Littlefinger gives him the dagger that was meant to kill him after his fall (i.e. the one Cersei hired) and says that he figured Bran might want it. Littlefinger now goes into a speech about how he couldn’t protect Kat but he can protect her kids. Again, creepy Littlefinger vibes. Bran just listens to him talk. When Littlefinger says that it must be weird to come home to this chaos, Bran says: “Chaos is a ladder.” This stops Littlefinger in his tracks with a frightened look as it’s something he said in one of the first seasons about causing chaos and using it for his benefit.
got 7 e4 4

As they are talking, Meera comes in and interrupts. Littlefinger leaves. Bran knows she is leaving, and she says that she needs to be with her family when the dead come. She tells him that he’s safe and doesn’t need him now, and he just says: “No, I don’t.” Of course, this hurts her feelers and she says that her brother died for him, that Hodor died for him. He says: “Thank you.” Then she realizes that the real Bran died in the cave and this isn’t really all him anymore. She turns and leaves.
got 7 e4 5

Now we go to the top of a snowy hill outside Winterfell, where we see Arya Stark sitting atop her horse. Then we see her walking up to the gate. A couple of idiot guards come up and are extremely hateful to her about how she’s not Arya, that Arya is dead. They refuse to let her in and she tells them she will get in one way or another. She convinces them to go get Sansa and they tell her to stay put and argue about who is going to interrupt Sansa. When they turn around, she’s gone.
got 7 e4 6
The two dumbasses go to Sansa and tell her about the girl. When the mention the old maester’s name and that they told her to stay put but they’ll find her, she realizes that it is Arya. She knows where Arya is. Down in the crypt, Sansa finds Arya standing in front of her father’s statue. The two share a huge hug and talk about how the statue doesn’t look like their dad. Arya jokingly brings up that she has a list of people to kill. They both talk about how their journeys back to Winterfell haven’t been pleasant. Arya flat out asks if Sansa killed Joffery. Sansa says no, but she wishes she did. Arya said she wishes Sansa had too. Then they hug again and Sansa tells her Bran is home too.

They go to see Bran, who is in the garden by the tree with the red leaves. Arya hugs him tight too and he tells her that he saw her at the crossroads. He says that he thought she was going to go to King’s Landing, Arya says: “Me too.” Sansa asks why and Bran says Cersei is there, that Cersei is on Arya’s list. Sansa hides a smile but asks who else is on her list. Arya tells her most are dead already and Sansa smiles. Then Bran pulls out the dagger and begins to look at it. Both girls are astonished and he tells them that Littlefinger gave it to him. Sansa says Littlefinger does nothing without something in return. Bran doesn’t care, says he doesn’t want the dagger and gives it to Arya.
got 7 e4 7

The three Starks then go back into the main grounds and Brienne sees them come in. Podrick tells her she should be proud, that she kept her promise to Kat Stark. Brienne says she didn’t do anything. Podrick tells her BS.
Back to Dragonstone, and Missandei and Daenerys are walking down from the keep and talking about how there’s no word from the Unsullied yet. Daenerys tells her Grey Worm will come back and Missandei says he better. Dany asks what happened and Missandei says: “Many things.” Ha. I actually laughed here as Dany stops her and says: “Many things?”
got 7 e4 9
Jon Snow interrupts this moment between the two BFFs. He takes Daenerys and Missandei into the cave at the ocean where Davos is waiting. He tells her that he wants her to see everything before they start hacking it. The cave is massive and gorgeous, with dragonglass everywhere. Then he takes Dany into an older part of the cave to show her something else.
got 7 e4 10got 7 e4 11
Back in the very back are carvings. He tells her they were done by the children of the forest. As they are looking at them, she says they have to be old – older than men probably. Jon says no, and shows her where the children and men were together. She asks if they were fighting and he says no, they were fighting together and shows her a carving of the night king. His eyes are even crazy blue in the stone!
got 7 e4 12
Jon tells her that they all fought together against the dead and that they have to do the same. Dany tells him that she’ll fight for him … as long as he bends the knee. He says that his people chose him to lead and that they won’t be happy with a southern ruler after what they’ve seen. She says that they chose him to lead them and to protect them, that they are more important than his pride.

Enter in a ton of looks between these two characters.

They head back out to the beach where Tyrion and Varys are waiting. Tyrion tells her they took Casterly Rock but their ships and a lot of the Unsullied are gone. Daenerys gets pissed and says that’s it, she’s taking her dragons and burning King’s Landing to the ground. Tyrion tells her no. She turns and asks Jon what he’d do. He tells her that her dragons are an inspiration but if she uses them to burn people down and take over, she won’t be any different than other leaders.
got 7 e4 13
got 7 e4 15
Back at Winterfell, Brienne is training Podrick again and beating him up again. Arya walks up and watches while they train. Arya interrupts. As Arya and Brienne are talking, Sansa and Littlefinger are walking along the balcony above and stop to watch. Arya asks to train with Brienne since she beat the Hound. Then Arya and Brienne begin to spar, much to Sansa’s disapproval. Brienne tells Arya that she can’t use her sword, Needle, because it’s too small. Arya tells her she’ll try not to cut Brienne. Arya beats Brienne a few times, while Podrick watches and tries not to smile too much. Sansa and Littlefinger watch with worried looks.
got 7 e4 16
This makes Brienne angry and she finally lands a good kick to Arya’s stomach, knocking the girl down. Brienne stops and walks over, worried she hurt the girl. Arya does a badass flip move and is suddenly on her feet, with a wicked look in her eyes.
got 7 e4 18
Brienne lets loose and knocks Arya’s sword from her hand. Then they both freeze, Brienne’s sword above Arya’s throat, and Arya’s dagger at Brienne’s throat.
got 7 e4 19
Both of these two are having a little too much fun I think. Brienne asks who taught her how to do that and Arya says “No one.” Both look up at Sansa, who walks away while Littlefinger watches with a worried look at Arya.

Back to Dragonstone, where Jon and Davos are walking along the walkway from the keep. Davos asks what Jon thinks of Dany and says he’s see how Jon looks at her. Jon tells him he doesn’t have time for that. As Jon is asking about how many men they have to fight, Davos is about to tell him they have less than Jon thinks, but stops as they come upon Missandei. Missandei asks about Jon’s last name and explains that they don’t have bastards where she comes from. As they are talking, Jon sees a ship and asks if it’s a Greyjoy ship.

Down at the beach, Jon and Theon meet up again. Theon tries to say him but Jon grabs him up and says that the only reason he doesn’t kill Theon right there is because he saved Sansa. Theon’s face shows how meek he is now. Davos asks about Yara. Theon says Euron has her and he’s there to ask for the Queen’s help in getting her back. Jon tells him the Queen is gone. Theon asks where she went.
got 7 e4 21
Enter in one of the most ruthless battle scenes in Game of Thrones on top of the Battle of the Bastards, the Red Wedding, and all of the others.

Daenerys finally brings out the Dothraki… and her dragons.

got 7 e4 22
Jaime and Bronn are sitting a bit back, looking out over the long string of the Lannister army. Bronn says that the gold has been taken into King’s Landing safely. Lord Tarly comes and says that they need to get across the river before nightfall otherwise if the head of the line is attacked, the rear can’t help. He offers to beat stragglers, but Jaime says no. Tarly goes to get the back of the line up and Jaime and Bronn ride down toward the line.

They come upon Dickon Tarly and ask how he thought the battle went. Dickon tells them it was his first battle and that some of the men he killed were his friends. Jaime says that they chose to fight for the wrong side. Dickon says that he didn’t think it’d smell like that, and Bronn tells him men shit when they die and he learned that at five years old. As Bronn and Jaime are about to poke a little more fun at Dickon, Bronn stops them when he hears something.

It sounds like crazy thunder coming their way.

Jaime screams to get the men in line to fight. Men start to jump up and get in formation as the Dothraki come barreling across the hills toward them. They show some of the men in the Lannister army clearly shaking. The Dothraki yelling and screaming, waving swords everywhere. Bronn tells Jaime to go, to get to King’s Landing. Jaime says he can’t leave his men. Both men freeze as they hear another sound – Daenerys’ dragon.
got 7 e4 23

The dragon flies right past the Dothraki and Dany gives the command to burn. The dragon just busts a huge hole of flaming soldiers right through the lines and the Dothraki actually ride through the flames in a seriously badass show. Everyone on the Lannister side watches in horror as burning men are running everywhere. The Dothraki are wiping everyone out as they reach them. Daenerys is flying right down the line, taking out the Lannister supplies. Hell, the Dothraki are even standing up on their horses, shooting arrows. What is more badass than that?
got 7 e4 24

During the fighting, Bronn reminds Jaime about the huge spear shooter that Qyburn gave to Cersei for the dragons. Jaime tells Bronn he can’t shoot it with one hand. Bronn rides through the flames and battle and comes up against a Dothraki who chops the whole leg off Bronn’s horse. After a fight, Bronn escapes (thank god) and runs to the wagon with the launcher. The Dothraki follows him and Bronn shoots him across the battlefield with the launcher. Bronn then starts to reload the launcher as I’m clutching my face, knowing he’s going to hit the dragon.

Jaime pulls archers together and tries to shoot at Dany, but the plain arrows just ping off the dragon’s scales. Daenerys roasts all the archers. Jaime is watching in horror as his army and supplies go up in flames and down in blood.

Tyrion and other Dothraki appear on the ridge above them. Tyrion is worried for his brother Jaime and quietly telling Jaime to run, to get out.
Bronn’s first shot misses the dragon and Daenerys takes out more of the lines.

Bronn’s second shot hits the dragon in the right shoulder.

Bronn leaps off the launcher just in time as the dragon incinerates it. The whole time, Tyrion is watching, worried about Dany and his brother Jaime at the same time.

Dany lands the dragon and tries to pull the huge spear. Jaime sees an opening and begins to charge. Tyrion is telling him to go the other way, telling him how stupid he is.
got 7 e4 25

Just as Jaime gets close to Dany, the dragon turns and shoots a massive burst of flame.

Bronn saves Jaime just in time it appears, by leaping off his charging horse and pushing them both down into the water beside them.
The episode ends with Jaime sinking down into the water.

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