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Goth Fashion Icon and Horror Fan RazorCandi Reddit Ask Me Anything

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One of the most popular features we ever did on this site was Ed Grabianowski’s Exclusive Interview: Goth Fashion Icon and Horror Fan RazorCandi. Tonight, you can all be Ed Grabianowski over on Reddit in the IamA subreddit where you will be able to ask RazorCandi anything at 9PM PDT (West Coast) / 11PM (Central) / Midnight (East Coast) on Friday, September 23. (In GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), this is actually 4am Saturday and 7am where RazorCandi is in Transylvania.)

Edit: The Ask Me Anything is going on now and, given the net goth origins of, I know a lot of you must have Reddit accounts, so head on over to and ask RazorCandi anything.



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