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RazorCandi Gothic Punk Deathrock Tattoo Pinup Icon Interview

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Goth fashion shapeshifter and erotic model Razor Candi‘s return to the U.S. has sparked a surge of creative photoshoots and spicy videos, and her fans can enjoy her elaborately crafted personas in a new photobook, published by Blue Blood. It’s over 200 pages of nothing but pure Razor Candi. But to truly appreciate art, you have to understand the artist, so we talked with her about the book and her latest endeavors.

Ed Grabianowski: Since we last talked you’ve moved from Romania back to the U.S. What has that transition been like?
RazorCandi: It’s been a much easier transition than it was adjusting over there, but I expected it to be a little easier since I grew up in the U.S. My views have changed a lot on things over the past eight years and seeing it from the other side puts things in perspective so it’s still very different for me being back here. The fact that I didn’t settle back in my home state of Florida changes everything because it doesn’t feel the same. The most positive transition has been that my opportunities are greater here in the U.S. for my art and my modeling but most of all being free to be myself which is the most important change for me.

Ed Grabianowski: You’ve put out a massive coffee table book that’s page after page of amazing photos of you. I know that’s been a long-term dream of yours, how did the pieces finally come together to make it happen?
RazorCandi: It was actually not even really planned. I was thinking about a book, but it was a slow going process. In passing it came up between Blue Blood and I and they offered to help out with the project which was a massive step in making it a reality!

Ed Grabianowski: The range of looks you achieve in the photos in the book is astonishing. You’re truly a chameleon. In the foreword you mention that you don’t feel like your “natural” state, without makeup or styled hair, is the real you. Is there a particular version of your look that is the “true” you? Or is it all about the constant transformation?
RazorCandi: “True” for me would be my deathrock and darker alternative looks because I live an alternative lifestyle outside of modeling. My goth/deathrock image not only represents the alternative lifestyle to me but it also makes me stand apart as an individual within a mainstream world because I don’t relate to it and I have minimal things in common with it. I’m not saying that everyone who is into the alternative lifestyle should look like me or that people who do look like me live an alternative lifestyle, that’s all for the person to judge on an individual basis, but in order to judge someone it’s wise to talk to them and get to know them first which is why I think the “real you” term is all subjective.

Ed Grabianowski: Speaking of a more natural look, there are a few photos in the book where you do appear very natural and vulnerable, and they contrast sharply with the rest of the book. Was it hard for you to do those photos and show that aspect of yourself?
RazorCandi: It’s always hard for me to do more natural looks, and it’s not because I’m insecure or feel vulnerable with less make up but because I don’t think I’m convincing in those looks. I actually feel more like I’m in a costume when I dress up that way. I feel natural looks are not strong or bold enough especially because they play right into expectations of the female standard which I feel are ridiculous and unrealistic most of the time. I’m not saying that women shouldn’t strive to feel beautiful but again beauty is subjective.

Ed Grabianowski: In the last year or so we’ve lost some incredible, iconic musicians. Is there anyone whose passing really affected you, or someone you have (or plan to) do a tribute or homage photo shoot for?
RazorCandi: I haven’t really thought of any tribute shoots, though it would be nice to pay homage to some of my biggest inspirations. I guess I just feel it’s better off left to them, I wouldn’t want to feel like I’m riding any coat tails or anything like that when the focus should be on them and their work. I guess waiting until someone dies to show your appreciation seems little too late in a way.

Ed Grabianowski: In the last few years, cosplay has become this huge phenomenon. Some of your work feels like it shares some of the spirit of cosplay, although you generally create original characters (I see you snuck a Batgirl into the book, and your Bride of Frankenstein was amazing). Do you feel a connection to cosplay? Is there a pop culture fandom that you could see yourself portraying a character from at a convention or for a photo shoot?
RazorCandi: Cosplay does grab my attention a bit because I do think there is an art to it. I’m certainly not one to judge people who wanna get all done up in theatrics! Though my interest lay more with horror and darker themes (Batgirl and my naughty nun were custom requests) but I have thought of trying a few sub cultural or otherwise dark horror themes. The biggest barrier for me when it comes to cosplay is perfecting the outfits and only then after you make it through the planning stage you have to find the right location which is a lot harder than it seems, especially if there is nudity involved.

Ed Grabianowski: Among the many, many personas you take on in the book, is there one that’s a favorite of yours, or one that you’re proudest of because of the craft that went into making it happen?
RazorCandi: I’d say my Liberate Tutemet Ex Inferis (devil girl) set is one of my favorites. I just really like this one because it’s very dark but also alluring and empowering. I put a lot into all my looks and I don’t really feel that I put more into the craft when doing this one but I really feel the theme and look in Liberate is straight from the depths of hell. 😉

Ed Grabianowski: My personal favorite is the Medusa. Can you tell me how that look came together, from concept to final photo? How did you accomplish the hair?
RazorCandi: The Medusa shoot was a pretty crazy one! It was very exhausting and took about five hours to complete the look for that one. Though I also love the final concept and I was the one that came up with the whole look I still worked with a hair artist, make-up artist, nail artist and also a different photographer than I normally work with. It was mainly a collaboration for Soso, the hair stylist who owns the Exentric hair salon in Sibiu, Romania. I guess because none of it was really me besides just the posing it doesn’t really feel like my achievement to be proud of.

Ed Grabianowski: What role does eroticism play in your creative work? Is there a separate process: ok, this will be a fashion look, this one will be more erotic? Or is that part of your personality inseparable from your creativity?
RazorCandi: I kind of like that eroticism and adult concepts are controversial, I’d say it’s pretty inseparable from the creative process for me. I think it’s interesting to mix sex appeal with creativity especially when it involves alternative looks. I find it amusing when it makes people uncomfortable and I find it kinky when it makes people feel aroused. 😉

Ed Grabianowski: What should your fans be listening to when they’re looking through the Razor Candi photo book? What’s on the Razor Candi playlist these days?
RazorCandi: I think people should listen to whatever makes them feel good and whatever they can relate to. When it comes to my playlist it’s a mix of all kinds of things ranging from 80’s new wave, deathrock to punk and grunge all the way to doom metal and country goth. I have an always growing playlist of favorites which currently includes Current 93, Cinema Strange, Bauhaus, Die Form, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Gene Loves Jezebel, Love and Rockets, Nine Inch Nails, Andi Sex Gang, Ghost, and more.

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