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Sparkly Clown Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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Clowns, they are a symbol of happiness and fun, but for many, they represent a deeply-rooted fear that not always can be explained, which is why they have become a popular option for Halloween costumes, since the versatility of the makeup and the enhanced proportions of their facial features allow for a wide array of expressions and emotions to be conveyed with visuals that, even with a concept as popular as a clown, can create something unique and unforgettable.

This is the case of the Comic Clown makeup that Ady Alonzo has created with a particularly festive take that initially made me think that she had drawn balloons on her face, to express a fun atmosphere, but upon closer observation, I noticed that what I mistook for hand-painted balloons were actually gems of various colors and sizes adorning key points of her makeup that gave a stylish feel to the ensemble, while at the same time maintaining the energy and distinction that a clown requires to become an effective Halloween option.

It is finally October and I am so excited to share this fun halloween look I created for you guys! All products will be listed down below! If you liked this tutorial Pleas give it a thumbs up! xoxoxo

Eyeshdow palette used : Morphe 35B Palette
Glue for Rhinestones : Spirit gum
Rhinestones from Michaels
Face Paint from the Halloween Store
Glitter : Michaels
NYX white Crayon to outline
Marc Jacobs Black liner to color
Lashes: Brand- Kiss (ULTA)
Stila Glitter for foil Lips

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