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The Art Of The Creepy – Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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As you know, I consider clowns to have the uncanny ability to generate instant unease, and this style superbly helps realize the full creepy potential of the look, which is why I’m unequivocally amazed with this remarkable Halloween makeup tutorial by Pinkstylist.

This makeup puts together both expertly-crafted details and subtlety, like in the case of the eyes, where you can only see a touch of red to bring out their shape and center your attention on the hollow look of the crystalized eyes that can send shivers down your spine the more you stare, and you can’t help but stare.

The next component of this clown makeup is one that I found stunning, and that is the wrinkles and smile lines that give the huge mouth a three-dimensional appearance, as if you were staring at genuine skin being stretched by an oversized grin, and not just makeup. This all put together creates a style that I consider to be THE look to go for if you want to impress people this Halloween.

A HD Halloween Makeup Tutorial for a scary clown? It must nearly be Halloween! YAY SPOOPY TIME!

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• Products used in this tutorial:
Latex Bald Cap
Liquid Latex
Superstar Fake Stage Blood
Cameleon Water Colours in Blood Red, Black and White
Makeup forever Creams in: Black, Brown and Blue
Spirit Gum
Small styrofoam ball
Kryolan Faceliner Pencil in Black
Superstar water colours in: Peach and Ivory

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