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A Partition Of Terror – Halloween Makeup Tutorial

I am very fond of the idea that this makeup tutorial by it’s HONEY works with, because it is not a full transformation into Pennywise, but just half the face, which means you have half a glamour look and half the clown appearance, with the spooky style that makes chills run down your spine where […]

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The Art Of The Creepy – Halloween Makeup Tutorial

As you know, I consider clowns to have the uncanny ability to generate instant unease, and this style superbly helps realize the full creepy potential of the look, which is why I’m unequivocally amazed with this remarkable Halloween makeup tutorial by Pinkstylist. This makeup puts together both expertly-crafted details and subtlety, like in the case […]

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Sparkly Clown Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Clowns, they are a symbol of happiness and fun, but for many, they represent a deeply-rooted fear that not always can be explained, which is why they have become a popular option for Halloween costumes, since the versatility of the makeup and the enhanced proportions of their facial features allow for a wide array of […]

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Chilling Pennywise & Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Halloween Makeup Tutorial

I absolutely love this Halloween makeup tutorial by Sydney Nicole, because she does a fantastic job of fusing together the scary clown Pennywise and Harley Quinn with a style that’s guaranteed to shock and awe at your next Halloween party. Sydney Nicole demonstrates the awesome look at the beginning, which shows you how creepy the […]

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Killer Clown Makeup Tutorial

killer klown melissa bernard

There is a glut of alt makeup tutorials on Youtube: goth, emo, zombie, alien, horror FX, split face, etc. Some TUTs are extremely detailed and helpful for you to use to create the look you seek or simply to view for entertainment. Others are lame video fails. Let me tell you about this amazing FX […]

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Bleeding Edge Evil Clown Bobble Head, New Store

bleeding edge evil clown bobble head

The creative people at Bleeding Edge have consolidated their various designs and are now offering the Bleeding Edge gothic dolls for sale at a site called Varner Concepts. The newer site features a very robust and complete shopping cart store of their creations. If big-eyed plush goth girls are not creepy enough for you, Varner […]

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