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A Partition Of Terror – Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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I am very fond of the idea that this makeup tutorial by it’s HONEY works with, because it is not a full transformation into Pennywise, but just half the face, which means you have half a glamour look and half the clown appearance, with the spooky style that makes chills run down your spine where you stand from how eerie it looks.

An addition to this half-face look that makes the whole style stand out and become even spookier is the line that divides both halves, which is blood-red and gives the impression of torn skin, as if the human face that hides the monstrous nature had been yanked off to reveal the disguise beneath it, which makes you wonder how many faces Pennywise has underneath that clown façade, and who are the unfortunate ones that have seen his true form.

This one is way easier than it looks! I promise!
Today I am doing a little spin on the regular Pennywise makeup tutorials out there, IT is Underneath haha get it? Show me your inner Pennywise, try out this look and tag me on Instagram !

All you need :
Regular Makeup for Half of your face
NYX jumbo crayon in black and white
Red Lipstick
Glue stick

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