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The Serenity Of Winter Majesty – Makeup Tutorial

You can feel the room getting colder, and if you look closely, you can almost see a fragile sheet of ice forming on the windows of the room while you marvel at this Winter Queen makeup look that NsomniaksDream has created, and that seems to bring with it all the might and beauty of an […]

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Icy Evil – Cold Devil Makeup Tutorial

Emily Jayne FX brings you a cool Winter Devil makeup, because who’s to say winter doesn’t also have its horrors, and the way she produces this look with a combination of blue, white and black tones, plus a myriad of visual effects, do bring forth a look of devilish qualities about the style that make […]

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Enjoy A Cool Halloween – Makeup Tutorial

This tutorial by Jade Deacon gives you a great and simple concept on how to prepare something original and fun with this ice cream melting idea, and the best part of it is that she doesn’t just add the ice cream melting effect to her face, but she also includes some touches of body painting […]

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