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The Serenity Of Winter Majesty – Makeup Tutorial

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You can feel the room getting colder, and if you look closely, you can almost see a fragile sheet of ice forming on the windows of the room while you marvel at this Winter Queen makeup look that NsomniaksDream has created, and that seems to bring with it all the might and beauty of an embracing blizzard.

This Winter Queen has deep-black lips and fogged up eyes that seem to notice more details about the beauty of nature than any human could ever hope to witness. Her skin is pale as snow, and it even displays on it many snowflakes that shine gleefully as she walks the land, although it is not possible to know if they landed there or were created by her own cold essence. Whatever the case, their beauty is undeniable, as her skin continues to gleam with a cool serenity, as if it were formed by a million fine diamonds.

Been feeling the cold lately?
This Winter Queen makeup tutorial is a good reflection of the weather as of late.

Here it’s dropping to -32 and the snow keeps coming
Be sure to have fluffy blankets, cozy slippers and warm drinks on hand!

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