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Icy Evil – Cold Devil Makeup Tutorial

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Emily Jayne FX brings you a cool Winter Devil makeup, because who’s to say winter doesn’t also have its horrors, and the way she produces this look with a combination of blue, white and black tones, plus a myriad of visual effects, do bring forth a look of devilish qualities about the style that make it a good option to celebrate the chilling winter to come.

She designs a lot of textures and icy effects with the colors she uses, like the way she handles the white around the eyes, adding some star-like details to give the appearance of shine, making it feel like you are looking at a devil formed not from the fires of hell, but from the coldest depths of oblivion.

The best part is that, save for the horns and some touches of glitter to give added shine to the ensemble, everything else you see in the finished look is done just with makeup, which she really makes it look three-dimensional and very much alive. Her Instagram has more devilish delights as well.

Thanks for watching! Hope you like my Icy Devil face & body paint.

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