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In The Tall Grass – An Eerie Excursion To The Unknown

Based on Stephen King and Joe Hill’s novel, In The Tall Grass tells the story of Becky (Laysla De Oliveira) and her brother Cal (Avery Whitted), who are on their way to San Diego, when Becky, who is pregnant, starts feeling sick, causing them to stop somewhere in the middle of their journey so she […]

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Question: What 2010 horror releases (film or book) did you find most notable? The results are in from our Panel of Experts. Literary horror culture is aware of history and how literature, in whatever medium, builds upon what came before. So a lot of us spent 2010 catching up on releases from prior years […]

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Nick Stahl to Play Duncan Locke, Mark Romanek to Direct

nick stahl t3

Locke and Key is of course based on the comic by Joe Hill. Joe Hill is perhaps best known for being the fruit of Stephen King’s loins, but he is really a very very very talented writer. Some people have genius in their blood, but it is recessive, but Joe Hill has it. Deadline Hollywood […]

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