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How Horses Play a Prominent Role In Gothic Fantasy

The Gothic Horse

In the middle of the spooky season, most people are craving some creepy and dark reads or movies that will fill their Gothic passion. On the other hand, we are always are on the lookout for some dark fantastical elements, regardless of the season. So it is a plus to know your components of traditional […]

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Poppy Z. Brite Collectible Art and Lost Souls

lost souls poppy z brite ebay original art

Long before the current teen vampire craze, contributor Poppy Z. Brite wrote her seminal vampire novel Lost Souls. Poppy Z. Brite’s teens were edgier and more real. Although these days Poppy Z. Brite is Billy Martin and has gone on to writing on more explicitly gay non-horror topics, you have the opportunity to get […]

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Spooky Literature-Inspired Halloween Costume

If you’d like to look both literate and lovely this Halloween, Heavy Red has got you covered. The leading gothic couturier has designed an Alice in Wonderland dress, with a whole host of quirky fun accessories. Your Alice Halloween costume kit includes a teacup little goth hat, Harlequin stockings, playing cards ring, optional skeleton key […]

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