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Spooky Literature-Inspired Halloween Costume

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If you’d like to look both literate and lovely this Halloween, Heavy Red has got you covered. The leading gothic couturier has designed an Alice in Wonderland dress, with a whole host of quirky fun accessories. Your Alice Halloween costume kit includes a teacup little goth hat, Harlequin stockings, playing cards ring, optional skeleton key or teacup necklace, decorative pocket watch (decorative only, so you might be late for a very important date), and optional Mad Hatter or White Rabbit or Lewis Carroll quote temporary tattoo.

From the Heavy Red Fall 2011 Line…
Style# 1120


Alice en déshabillé, the limited edition Couture Noir costume by Heavy Red.

Chasing the White Rabbit, Alice finds herself teetering on the edge of a dark abyss – a rabbit hole into Another World. Should she follow, should she not? The wind blows her skirt, Alice loses her balance – the decision has been made – she tumbles in and whirls down, down, down into the darkness. As she falls, her dress catches on a branch here, a floating chair there – endless down, down, down. Suddenly without warning, Alice hits the bottom very hard, head over teacup. “Where am I?” Someone says, “She’s late, she’d better get dressed!” “Dressed??? I am . . . oh dear, it seems my dress was torn off in the rabbit hole!!!”

Alice has landed in Wonderland en déshabillé . . . . . . . . . . .
en déshabillé {French: state of partly dressed or scantily dressed}

You’ve waited and now she is here…Tragic Alice wanders through the darkness, facing danger and despair at every turn as she finds herself forever lost in WoNderLAnD in her underdress and corset. Beautifully innocent & vulnerable, yet undeniably sexy. Heavy Red Couture Noir presents its finest costume to date, with endless ways to customize it to you. The Alice en déshabillé in Wonderland costume is unparalleled in both its unique vision and dark beauty. The dress and corset are of the highest quality, and when Alice’s adventure is no more, the pieces can be integrated into your wardrobe for use all year round.

The Dress:
The ever exquisite Alice mustn’t be late for her tea party. This dashing dress full of curiosity and torment will showcase the beauty of your pale face and glistening tears. The super soft, cream cotton dress is rich with details, double seam bodice quilted cups, edged ruffle bodice and waistline, covered buttons, artistic seam lines which move with the shape of the body, quilted waistline in garter belt shape, a fully layered dress skirt, with an inside panel of ruffles. The shape of this dress is incredibly flattering and versatile. The back of the dress creates a long series of V-shaped ruffles going down to the back of your legs. The dress has corset lacing in back to allow you to cinch the waist as tight as you want. The dress has a back zipper and adjustable straps. At the waistline are 8 sewn cream straps. These straps can be left dangling, can be tied in bows, or can be used to tie up the front panels to reveal your ruffled underskirt. Two black ribbons are also included which can be tied to the straps to hang down or be tied in bows. Ribbons can then be removed to change the look or for easy care and cleaning. This dress can be worn in so many ways and was designed not only to fit all shapes and sizes with ease and perfect adjustment, but to allow you to be the Alice you are, be you naughty or nice.

The Corset
The dark blue faux leather corset (all Heavy Red clothing is animal friendly) is an amazing piece for this costume and to add to your permanent wardrobe. The corset holster has three adjustable buckles in front, above and below the bust for a very flattering look and one across the tummy to give you extra support and flatness where you might need it. The shoulder straps are also adjustable up to 5″. Long torso, short torso, big bust, small bust, tiny waist, not so tiny waist – you will have no problem finding the perfect fit. The back is a fully laced corset with steel bones. The corset is lined with organic cotton. You will be able to cinch yourself as tight as you like and get the great shape you desire. This piece will look amazing over many different Heavy Red dresses and shirts!

What is included in the costume:
-Cream Alice Dress
-Blue Corset (which can be changed to black for an additional fee)
-Harlequin stocking set (full length harlequin stockings and sheer black thigh highs to go over them)

Additional Accessories for your costume:
We are offering many accessories to tailor and customize the look of your costume.
We are offering a discount package which will include the costume and several accessories – see Costume page for details.
Accessories include:
-Cream net and ruffle gloves
-Alice necklaces
-Bangle or pearl bracelets
-Handmade hats which feature teacups and skeleton keys
-Wearable art (Heavy Red Temporary Alice Tattoos)
-Various additional Alice stockings

View the costume page to see what is available at any time.

*Please note the costume and all costume accessories are considered seasonal items and are not eligible for refunds. All costume sales are final, however you may exchange the costume for another size providing we still have that size in stock.

This costume is now available for PRE-ORDER. We expect to begin shipping the costume the 1st week of October.

Don’t forget we will again be hosting the best Alice contest open to all those who purchase the Alice en déshabillé costume!

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