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A Halloween Omen – Makeup Tutorial

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It was the middle of a cold and breezy night when I was awoken by an unknown energy that brought me to this Dark Bird by Maritza Alis. When I gazed upon her, I felt my blood run cold as her ice-white eyes seemed to pierce my very soul, freezing me in place and studying me calmly without blinking, perhaps preparing to speak the message she had travelled so far to deliver.

It was at this moment that I stopped to admire the feathers on this bird and noticed how the very darkness she seemed to be embraced by creeped through the cracks on her face. As she stayed in silence, I wondered what omen this Halloween Dark Bird carried with her.

I have a feeling that I’ll never know, but her mystical eyes have left an imprint in my mind that reminds me to keep my own open if I’m hoping to unearth it.

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