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Freakshow 107, Freaks of Nature

Freakshow on AMC Morgue eightball

Tonight, Todd brings us more freaks with the seventh episode titled, “Freaks of Nature”. In his attempt to recreate one of the most rare pitch cards in the world, Todd has invited Jim the Armless Wonder and Jesse the Halfman to come and stay at his home. In this famous pitch card we see a […]

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Freakshow 106: Strongman Competition

freakshow episode 106 strongman competition creature morgue

Tonight the Venice Beach Freakshow is hosting a strongman competition. It looks to be the opponents will be The Illustrated Penguin, who can lift five to ten pounds through his stretched ear lobes, and Billy Owen, Todd’s mystery character tonight. In between meeting The Illustrated Penguin and Billy Owen, we see a fellow lifting weights […]

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Freakshow 103: The Two-Headed Baby

Ali and Lobster Boy - Freakshow - Season 1, Episode 3

The show starts with Todd who is on the hunt for the most rare specimen in a sideshow, a two-headed baby. In order to find one, he must travel to see Bobby Reynolds, also known as The King of the Sideshow, the owner of a two-headed baby boy preserved in a jar. Todd claims to […]

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Freakshow on AMC

AMC Venice Beach Freakshow

Welcome to the freak show. At the Venice Beach Freakshow, owner Todd Ray, along with his wife Danielle and son Phoenix, carries out his passion for the strange by running a revamped version of the carnival freak shows of the past. At his seemingly ordinary suburban home, there resides a not so ordinary collection of […]

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