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Chilling Pennywise & Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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I absolutely love this Halloween makeup tutorial by Sydney Nicole, because she does a fantastic job of fusing together the scary clown Pennywise and Harley Quinn with a style that’s guaranteed to shock and awe at your next Halloween party.

Sydney Nicole demonstrates the awesome look at the beginning, which shows you how creepy the result is and how realistic it actually looks when it’s done, and then she proceeds to explain every single one of the elements you need to focus on to recreate this spine-chilling design, allowing you to take note of every makeup item she utilizes so you can get the very same ones while you follow her instructions on how to apply them.

The many effects that she creates are beautiful here, because not only does the mouth appear larger and menacing, but the eyes also seem enhanced with the masterful use of blended colors, and the shades Sydney Nicole uses to give the laugh lines a three-dimensional feel is incredible, giving a superb impression of realism that will have you doing a double take before you realize it was all done only with makeup.

I love Pennywise, and I love Harley Quinn. So what’s better than mixing them together? Be sure to check out @heidimaetrix to see her original cosplay, and check out @jordanhanz for her Pennywise look that I got inspired by!
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My original Pennywise look.
Wig is from @evahairofficial
Collar and gloves are from Party City

Paint –
Ben Nye MagiCake paints in “Calypso Blue” and “Marine Blue” and Clown White Lite Cream
Graftobian “Swan White” paint
Mehron Makeup Paradise Paints

Eyes –
Huda Beauty Ruby & Sapphire Obsessions Palettes
NYX Professional Makeup Faux Black Pencil in “Oxblood”
Wunder2 Cosmetics “Essential Royal Blue” Super Stay Liner

Face/shading –
Kat Von D Beauty Shade + Light Eye Palette
NYX Professional Makeup White Liquid Liner

Brows –
NYX Professional Makeup Micro Brow Pencil in “Blonde”
Kat Von D Beauty Super Brow Pomade in “Bleach”
Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow in 1

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