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Dark Splendor Makeup Tutorial

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Imagine you are in the presence of someone, and you are looking at them attentively, and as you do, you start to notice something unusual: you see their face, but a section of it seems to fade away, and where skin once was, you now can see the magnificence of the galaxy, glancing at you though their face. You see the stars, planets and nebulas that conform it, and while it looks vast, dark and intimidating, you are not scared, because the darkness that you see doesn’t come from a place of evil, and it instead carries the serenity of balance, a neutrality that you are being allowed to admire trough that visage.

This is the look that _Aisling Rose creates with her Dark Galaxy Goddess makeup, which is a wonderfully impactful style, and she shows you how you can also do it yourself if you want to try it out.

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