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Dark Demonic Gifts – Makeup Tutorial

Cassi Jene` uses dark colors to make this Demonic Witch look come to life, and I particularly like how she creates the style by adding some black lines that stream down her face from her eyes, which could be tears, or a style of warpaint, or maybe even be streams of dark energy that escape […]

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The Warmth In The Heart Of Vampires – Gothic Makeup Tutorial

The Warmth In The Heart Of Vampires – Makeup Tutorial

This Gothic makeup style that ReeRee Phillips has prepared for us focuses mainly on adorning the eyes, which allow for more experimentation with color, and the way she does it maintains a concise idea of glamour present in the look, with the end result also carrying with it a delicious expression of confidence, which is […]

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Gothic Magnetism – Makeup Tutorial

I like the idea of a Gothic Fairy. I’ve often seen fairies depicted as colorful beings that fly around spreading glitter and sparkles, so it is nice to see the concept of a more mystical and serious being with a penchant for darkness, which makes the character more intriguing, especially during Halloween season which she […]

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The Fall Of An Angel – Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Sarah New Sfx’s Halloween look displays creativity and sophistication, following the main concept of what an angel is expected to present in ways of appearance, but the black smears all around her face, hands and body add a nice detail to the whole piece, because they seem to suggests that the angel did something that […]

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Alternative Gothic Splendor – Makeup Tutorial

Alternative Gothic Splendor - Makeup Tutorial

For some reason, I’ve always found the idea of black lipstick intriguing, especially when done with a wet finish, like a dark and shiny ink sealing in someone’s kiss. This is why I find this look so appealing, because eeriebxby presents a casual Goth/Alt makeup idea to us, and she puts it together just focusing […]

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A Forsaken Soul’s Lament – Makeup Tutorial

Have you ever cried for no reason? Remember that strange feeling of relief coupled with the heavy reminder of what made you cry? Imagine that same sensation, but with the added issue that, while you are doing it, your very soul begins seeping out of you through your eyes and mouth as you wail and […]

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Dark Splendor Makeup Tutorial

Imagine you are in the presence of someone, and you are looking at them attentively, and as you do, you start to notice something unusual: you see their face, but a section of it seems to fade away, and where skin once was, you now can see the magnificence of the galaxy, glancing at you […]

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A Halloween Omen – Makeup Tutorial

It was the middle of a cold and breezy night when I was awoken by an unknown energy that brought me to this Dark Bird by Maritza Alis. When I gazed upon her, I felt my blood run cold as her ice-white eyes seemed to pierce my very soul, freezing me in place and studying […]

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Face Your Fears With Man Of Medan

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man Of Medan is the first installment of the new horror series by Supermassive Games, and it tells the tale of a group of friends that go on a dive to uncover the secrets of a wrecked plane, only to have their adventure turn disturbing as they are led to what […]

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RazorCandi Gothic Punk Deathrock Tattoo Pinup Icon Interview

Skull Headdress Razor Candi

Goth fashion shapeshifter and erotic model Razor Candi‘s return to the U.S. has sparked a surge of creative photoshoots and spicy videos, and her fans can enjoy her elaborately crafted personas in a new photobook, published by Blue Blood. It’s over 200 pages of nothing but pure Razor Candi. But to truly appreciate art, you […]

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