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Everyday Goth Style – Makeup Tutorial

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I really like this look because of how straightforward it is, and because it covers a style similar to one that I have actually tried before, so when I saw it, I couldn’t help but give it a go again, and the extraordinary results brought back fond memories that made me seriously consider re-adopting it.

This concept is very easy to recreate, thanks to Josh Coffin’s explanation during each step of this makeup tutorial, and it pays special attention to the eyebrows and the eyes, adding touches of purple and black, and blending them perfectly with the color of the skin, which in this case is touched up with a paler tone that still retains some of the natural look to enhance the contrast with the dark colors used. For the lips, the pure appearance remains, which punches up the rest of the tones and continues to enhance the appearance of this everyday goth style.

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