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Revealing The Inner Monster– Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Kait Nichole has a magnificent Halloween makeup tutorial for you that works with the idea of revealing the Monster Within you, and the way she accomplishes this flawless style is by showing you a bit of the green monster peeking through you as its hands appear to be slowly pulling the human skin away, letting […]

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Monster Of Winter – Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Winter seems to have finally come, and NsomniaksDream is here to show you how to bring some of that chilly goodness to your Halloween parties with an excellent, breathtaking and absolutely awesome makeup style that looks so realistic and scary you won’t believe it. In her makeup tutorial, she shows you all the steps needed […]

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Creepy Smiles, Everyone! – Halloween Makeup Tutorial

NsomniaksDream takes the concept of a creepy giant smile and improves on it dramatically with her expertly presented details and effects that create the overly sized mouth, but add a lot of details to it to make the look scarier for Halloween, achieving a style that will put a smile on your face, but a […]

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An Amalgamation Of Horror – Makeup Tutorial

The version of Frankenstein’s monster that Kendra N shows in this makeup tutorial works with a base of green colors mixed with darker shadows to bring an undead feel to the style. Let’s not forget that the only reason the monster looks like that is because the green aims to mimic rotten flesh, as Frankenstein’s […]

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A Reanimated Bride – Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Nelliel Lynn has got a great option for you if you want to try a more classical and glamorous look for Halloween, because she has prepared a magnificent Bride of Frankenstein makeup style where she goes for black eyeliner and wings the eyeshadow to bring out the eyes, and she applies a silvery finish with […]

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The Silence – Quiet Horror With A Bang

Starring Kiernan Shipka and Stanley Tucci, The Silence is a horror movie that centers on a family who bands together to escape a swarm of killer creatures known as the Vesps, who have been accidentally released from an ancient cave and are feasting on the flesh of whoever they come across. One of the most […]

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True Blood Season 6, Episode 1

It was a fun, dark and action filled season premiere on True Blood as the fans have come to expect. Picking up where the last episode left off, vampire Bill didn’t meet his true death after all. Instead, he’s now evolved into a super vamp of sorts – the mother effing king of all bloodsuckers […]

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Universal Classic Monsters Remastered

universal classic monsters remastered

In celebration of Universal’s 100th anniversary, Universal Studios Home Entertainment is releasing on Blu-ray, for the first time ever, digitally restored in high-definition picture and sound, eight of their masterpieces from the horror genre titled, “Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection”. The box set can be found in stores on October 2, 2012, just in […]

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Girl Games Monster Make Up

girl games monster makeup

We were all just minding our own business, getting things done, here at HG, when the Girl Games site came to our attention. Fast forward twenty minutes and a group effort had created the misshapen monster you see below. Bat wings are cool. Which maybe does not make time-wasting games for elementary school girls […]

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Fae Zombie Monster King Makeup

dragoncon zombie fairy monster king makeup

Blue Blood just posted some DragonCon costume pics. I’m especially loving this fae zombie monster king outfit. I wonder how long that took to put on. I was very active in East Coast fandom from the time I was very underage (but old enough to get into mischief), until I moved to California. It was […]

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