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Pet Sematary – A Fine Spooky Tale

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Based on Stephen King’s novel, Pet Sematary focuses on Dr. Louis Creed (Jason Clarke), his wife Rachel (Amy Seimetz), his daughter Ellie, his son Gage, and Church, the family pet, who move to a new town where they discover a pet graveyard near their home where a strange place exists that, unbeknownst to most but their neighbor Jud Crandall (John Lithgow) and later Dr. Creed himself, has the power to bring back to life everyone that’s buried there, only they don’t necessarily come back exactly as they were before. They all seem to come back wrong, warped, and evil.


The base theme of the movie is loss with a dash of denial, and this becomes apparent as the characters are shown having a hard time coping or explaining death to their loved ones, like when Church dies and, seeing how worried Louis is about this fact, Jud decides to guide him to the cemetery to have the cat come back to life, hoping it will return pure and unharmed since his rebirth was surrounded by good intentions, only to later notice that the cat is back, but it does seem to be more aggressive and feral.

Later, when Ellie is also killed by a truck in a way similar to Church, and with Louis being aware of the magic of this place that can resurrect the dead, he decides to take her to the place near the graveyard so that she too can come back, and just like last time, the reanimated life rises with something evil within it.


Pet Sematary takes you on a terrifying ride where you get to see the characters trying to convince themselves that some deaths can be reverted, even if there’s something twisted about how that strange place brings the dead back, and they seem to be only husks of their former selves, puppets for the evil that has now taken over them, something that doesn’t wait to reveal itself and is not subtle about its desire to bring death and destruction upon the land they now walk once again.

This dark rebirth forces the characters to deal not only with their loss, but their own sins in the form of their possessed loved one as they are hunted by those they brought back from the afterlife, and who promise a fate worse than death if they get to succeed in their grim mission.

“Sometimes dead is better.”

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