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Revealing The Inner Monster– Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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Kait Nichole has a magnificent Halloween makeup tutorial for you that works with the idea of revealing the Monster Within you, and the way she accomplishes this flawless style is by showing you a bit of the green monster peeking through you as its hands appear to be slowly pulling the human skin away, letting its creepy appearance slowly be revealed, which is an amazing detail, because it shows that, for this style, the idea is not so much that you are a demon underneath your human appearance, but that there’s a monster residing within you who has grown stronger and has gotten tired of being trapped inside, and has finally decided to free itself by crawling out, slowly pulling your skin away as if your very flesh was a veil that it needs to tear through to cross over to our dimension.

Another nice detail about this tutorial is that, while Kait Nichole shows you how to recreate this great Halloween style, she also gives you some tips on how to create visual depth by working with highlights and shadows, which is a welcome addition to the tutorial, because it helps you when working on this look, and you can also use what you’ve learned here for another makeup experiment of your own.

THE MONSTER WITHIN | Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2019
If you’re wanting to be a green monster for halloween this year, you’re in luck! Thanks for watching!!

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