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An Amalgamation Of Horror – Makeup Tutorial

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The version of Frankenstein’s monster that Kendra N shows in this makeup tutorial works with a base of green colors mixed with darker shadows to bring an undead feel to the style. Let’s not forget that the only reason the monster looks like that is because the green aims to mimic rotten flesh, as Frankenstein’s monster was brought back to life by combining several dead body parts to create the perfect human.

The idea that this monster was put together in a rush by a mad doctor is present through this Halloween look with the addition of details done with liquid latex that give a realistic feel and texture to the sections that are supposed to be bits of flesh sown together and kept there in the hopes that they can become part of a whole. At the same time, there’s the black color on the winged eyeliner and on the lips that continues to accentuate the decayed appearance of the face while giving a nice touch of glamour to the look.

I will not be talking in today’s video at all I thought I’d change it up a little. This look to me soo long and I wasn’t to impressed with the look but here it is!

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