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Martha Stewart Dark Living for Halloween

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We were just reminded by Gothic.Org that, even though the new Martha Stewart Living Halloween special comes out this week, we can get started with last year’s and get to all those Halloween projects we might have procrastinated. Most notably, the issue has an online portion with templates for creating all the crafts described in the magazine and those templates include a Raven, suitable for jack o’lantern pumpkin decoration. I’m sure Gothic.Net readers mostly know that Nars makes the best dark eye makeup, but Martha Stewart’s magazine also recommends Tinsley Transfers. Probably many of you are familiar with these fine purveyors of blood and wounds and fake Day of the Dead face tattoos, but it seems like a cool edgy find for Martha Stewart magazine to be sharing. Costumes for men in the magazine tend to lean toward zombie/corpse/ogre and, of course, a wolf for Little Red Riding Hood. Plus there are gothic pet costumes.

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