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The Pyramid

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The Pyramid (2014) looks like Alien Versus Predator (2004) only the climate is a lot hotter and the archaeological survey team are not packing as much heat.

The Pyramid

Holden (Denis O’Heare—True Blood) leads a survey team through an unearthed and spooky three-sided pyramid in the Egyptian desert despite objection from the local authorities.


There are traps and labyrinths and soon the curious Americans find out that they are not alone in the depths.


There is talk of the Curse of the Pharaohs—the fatal consequences of disturbing ancient tombs, and unfortunately for the trespassers, this will be no exception.


There are Punji sticks, loose stones, sand traps—an assortment of ancient and dangerous Egyptian architecture.


A great horror story amplifies the tension by making the most of the setting. The interior layout of this particular pyramid is intimate and dark.


I like that we do not see the faces of the other residents of the tomb. The scare-factor is very similar to the run-and-do-not-look-at-the-creepy-thing mechanic that makes the Amnesia games satisfyingly thrilling. Let our imagination scare us.


Hopefully the monsters in The Pyramid emerge sparingly for maximum effect.

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