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Tusk Official Trailer

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Inspired by his own podcasting, Kevin Smith has written and directed a new screenplay entitled Tusk, distributed by A24 Films this year.

tusk movie poster kevin smith

The official trailer introduces Justin Long as an obnoxious podcaster who thinks he is above everyone; his hyperactive-shock-jock antics, and his moustache, are interesting. The guy seems to have it all: girlfriend, car, dream job.


The first thing that made me jump was not even that terrifying in retrospect. Unfortunately, Haley Joel Osment (The Sixth Sense) is forever typecast as that child actor. I refuse to believe that we are no longer living in 1999.


All that separates man from animal

First impressions of the Canadian interviewee (Michael Parks) are conservative. The wheelchair-bound and bearded chap is a veteran of oceanic adventure and is keen to tell his stories. The man’s house is ornate and certainly has that wooden-panel-gothic feel. Medieval-like furnishings, silverware, fireplace—Creepy much?


It is obvious that the podcaster is bored with the anecdotes concerning a life-saving walrus as he strokes a tusk prop inappropriately.

Despite the rudeness our seafarer offers the clown a cup of tea and continues to tolerate his guest’s offensive quirks.

And here comes the twist. Our podcaster realises he has been drugged and falls out of his chair (so much for a tolerant host). It appears the creepy old man has some sinister plans that involve surgical tools and calling his new friend Mr Tusk …

off the chair

It’s not all gore and violence, which is refreshing. The dialogue is amusing and there seem to be some moments that are genuinely hilarious given the macabre context. I look forward to seeing Tusk on the big screen.

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